Why us

Quality Assurance

Proud of being yardstick of quality, we are used to an environment where excellence and customer satisfaction is expected. So, does our team ensures that every stage of the functional process is completed correctly. Quality is not an accident it’s always the result of intelligent effort and quality improvement comes only via simplification of design, processes, and procedures.
Defined Management Process

Successful design solutions are the result of a comprehensive process that addresses conflicting elements of aesthetics, cost, durability, and environmental responsibility. Recognition of this perspective is reflected in our neatly defined managerial process and our solutions.


Every step and process are well documented so as to have a smooth process of data sharing and avoid misinterpretation of ideas. Documents are retained in our database ensuring an all time support to our clients.

Escalation Management

We monitor construction schedules, cost, progress, and quality while providing support services such as instruction or clarification to contractors as required. Our services also carry over to the bidding and negotiation process and sourcing of suitable vendors if need be.

Critical point analysis

The critical zones of any project are marked and specialised Q&A structure is applied to reduce any scope of problems.

Lessons Learnt

We learn from the problems faced by us during a project and upgrade the Question and Answer system accordingly so that the same problem does not occur in a next similar project. Feedback is taken on regular basis to ensure utmost client satisfaction and quality improvisation.


We shape our team and process around each client and an all time support is ensured be it during the project or after completion.

Data and Information Security

We ensure full data and information security to our clients for their projects. We share your data only with the team working on it and all the team members have a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed with us which further strengthens the security system.
Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDA is signed with clients and team to ensure data confidentiality.

Back Up and Clean-Up Process

We regularly back up important files and keep them in secure systems with restricted access.

System Security

All the data we have is encrypted which ensures high security during the data sharing process

Prohibited access

We do not allow use of USB ports, CD and other storage devices for data transfer. All the data transfer is through encrypted systems.